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Used car sales fall by 22% in July 2022

25 August 2022 - admin

Car companies sold 102,501 used cars to private individuals July 2022: that is 21.7 percent less compared to last year. This is evident according to the figures and data from The National Occasion Survey 2022 by VWE. 45,425 used cars were sold between consumers, a decrease by 12.7%.

The sale of used commercial vehicles also decreased in the past month and amounted to 9,405 (B2C); 13.6 percent less than the same period last year.

The National Occasion Survey 2022 was conducted by the trade magazine Automotive Management and vehicle data expert VWE.

The research has a number of trends:

  • The decrease in used car sales in 2022 is reflected in all segments. The decrease in used car sales in 2022 is reflected in all segments, except for the SUVs, which experienced a growth in sales.
  • The share of EV/(Plug-in) hybrid charge is also 12.4% (compared to petrol and diesel)
  • The company stock calculation and the asking price (especially with EV and Plug-in hybrid) increase

Prices are rising

Although showroom asking prices seemed to have stagnated in recent months, they have risen sharply in the past month. This is evident from the Autodata Occasion Index (AOX). The index stands at 114.1, the highest level since the AOX started in 2011. Last month the index stood at 112.

This means that the tumultuous increase is still continuing; this is the largest increase since October last year. The largest price increase was observed for the 8-12 years old car range. Compared to a year ago, prices are almost twelve percentage points higher.

You can read more about the current situation from the survey in the National Occasion Survey 2022 (N.O.O.). For only 149 euros you get access to the digital environment.

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